Call (918) 973-4900 to ask more questions in regards to Vertical Productions commercial photographers Tulsa OK who has an eye of design that will take your breath away you also find her on the website at She designs functional spaces for a busy lifestyle. It’s functional designs that are always Timeless An Elegant. So to get started today go on to the website to find out more information about Janelle and all that she does and I was well as read her testimonials look in her portfolio see the list of services and click on her about us page to find out more.

She is a one-of-a-kind designer in Tulsa, Oklahoma of course she works in the Boston area as well. She functions well in the full home renovation and design as well as the kitchen renovation design a bathroom renovation and design. Her approach is to make sure that it feels different every single time. For every single client she wants to make sure that she gets the clients lifestyle blend into the air and space that she’s just hiding. And it doesn’t have to be a certain to look for all designs. She does not want to be cookie cutter she wants to make sure that she stands out amongst other photography designers to make sure that the client understands that it’s a space specifically for the client and reflects the clients taste.

Vertical Productions understands the power of finding the Comfort Inn in space and its uniqueness. How functional it can be as well as how it can be customized to fit your budget and your style. We want to help you create a space that will bring peace as well as comfort and excellent. So every time you walk into your room or in or into your home you can feel comfort and knowing that your space can Outlast the test of time. So give her a call today at (918) 973-4900 and also finder online at our website to get more information about her and how to schedule a consultation and to get to know her a little bit more and what sets her apart by going to her website.

She is a great photography designer and her company really set themselves apart. From the beginning to the end of the skillset they deliver on the designs is just a complete accuracy and attention to detail. Janelle has the talent and Fishin everyday. She sets herself apart as others as a designer. And that is why people choose her. Her and her team have the ability to create design that stands the test of time as well as being functional and comfortable. It’s always detail-oriented and it’s always built to with great accuracy to what the client wants and needs.

She understands the importance of timeline and budget. She never wants to go over your timeline in your budget. So to get more information to get a more accurate estimate of what your budget would need to be and what you’re actually looking to incorporate with your new functional Design and Renovation call (918) 973-4900 and also check out the website at Remember the phrase commercial photographers Tulsa OK Vertical Productions has eye of design.

Commercial Photographers Tulsa OK | From Humble Beginnings

Janelle is from Oklahoma she grew up with creative individuals. She understood that the passion of commercial photographers Tulsa OK was something that she wanted and from humble beginnings she began her career as an photography designer and renovator in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Her cub her company is called Vertical Productions you can reach her at the number for an online estimate or in-person Services by calling (918) 973-4900 or by checking out her website to get more information about her and her Trends and ability design the Best Buy going to the website at

She understood how to really help someone catch someone’s eye and actually was able to grow up in a place where she could see Furniture being refinished and people in their workshops grabbing their tools and pretending commercial photographers Tulsa OK he wanted to sweet stories. I’m back then she understood style and the use of beauty when it comes to erlang how to create comfortable home. And if it was because of her grandfather that you kind of fell into that shadow of being what someone would call it a Furniture and Design Aficionado. She always showed interest in helping people create Beauty in a simplistic but also a comfortable way. She can create you can create rearranging your room creating new pieces of furniture whatever it is you might want to be. And it would even if it’s a thin little rectangular room she can do it.

When she was in high school check to start thinking about colleges and what she wanted to do with her life. And you know she was able to go into the design Avenue. She got accepted to school and it made sense. And she was so excited to be able to start her career because she had such a passion for it and such a love for that night for detail. And she spent a few times and different fields to complete her toolbox of knowledge of construction renovation and design. It really shaped into the designer that she is today. And sometimes she’s always you know overcome with the passion and the love for what she does. It will it allows her to Dive Right into and create your own her own rap road map of success and help other clients create their own map and their home.

Sometimes the road is Bumpy but it’s never really an easy path. But she does not take it for granted. During the you know when she was going towards the completion of her photography design studies started out in the design filled and it was at you know challenging to say the least. And she had to take jobs directly related to photography Design but they always weren’t for directly related. But it would she would always get noticed another job for her design sense and her you know her know how when it comes to construction. And it got her foot in the door to ultimately where she wanted to be. She did design showroom displays as well. So she knows when people look at something it has to tell a story it has to draw them in and that’s where the designer showrooms took place.

She was able to do lighting and lighting showrooms on the end out of lighting fixtures where lighting should be where it should not be. And then it turned into a love design for Vino both kitchen and bathroom renovation and design. She also was able to meet with people be apprenticeship being apprenticed to people numerous times. So find out more about her how she came from humble beginnings and being one of the best commercial photographers Tulsa OK photography designers and Renovators in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area by calling (918) 973-4900 or by going and checking out our website at