Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography in Tulsa, Oklahoma

At Vertical Productions, we specialize in commercial photography in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whether you need help with brand awareness, engagement or business growth, our experienced commercial photographers can make your dreams a reality.

What Types of Photography Do We Offer?

Vertical Productions is a commercial photography studio specializing in various types of commercial photography. Our professional commercial photographers provide quality services, including portrait, product, food, architecture, lifestyle, real estate and headshot photography. Our services help businesses reach their goals of brand growth, engagement and awareness.

Brand Awareness

Vertical Productions photography studio can help grow brand awareness by providing advertising photography that helps boost your company’s visibility. We focus on creating dynamic images that leave a lasting impression on potential customers and help build brand loyalty.

Brand Engagement

Through our photography services, we create visuals that help businesses further engage their target audience. With us, you can trust that your goals are fulfilled with utmost professionalism.

Business Growth

Commercial photography is a powerful tool to facilitate business growth. With well-crafted photographs, we can help your company reach greater heights.

Commercial Photographer FAQs

Below are some answers to common questions we receive. If you have any other questions or need further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Are the Types of Commercial Photography?

Vertical Productions offers various services to help our commercial clients create the perfect images. Our commercial photography studio specializes in creating high-quality portraits, product shots, food photography, architecture images, lifestyle shots, real estate images and headshots for advertising campaigns. 

Social Media

Commercial photographers are crucial for businesses using social media. We may create specialized visual content to help your company stand out and engage with the audience. 


We offer professional photography services for events, including conferences, concerts and staff get-togethers. We can assist with event photography and corporate marketing.


Vertical Productions offers portrait photography services. Whether you need headshots for a website or a more stylized look for an advertising campaign, our team can help you create the perfect portrait.


Vertical Productions provides commercial photography services to showcase the attractiveness, beauty and details of your products. With our services, you can enhance sales by giving buyers a better look at your product.


We use lighting and style techniques to take appealing photos that showcase your food. We can support you in highlighting dishes and telling culinary tales.


Vertical Productions is the ideal option for showcasing and capturing the distinctive aspects of a structure.


Vertical Productions can help you express your story vividly, reflecting the soul of your brand. We can relay it through photographs, either depicting an average day in your office or showing what it looks like to experience the operation of your business.

Real Estate

In the real estate market, having the appropriate pictures of your property might mean the difference between success and failure. Making a fantastic first impression on potential clients and assisting them in visualizing the area is made possible using professional images shot by a business photographer.


Vertical Productions offers professional headshots to individuals and corporations. Your headshots express your brand and leave an impact.


Commercial photography plays a crucial role in advertising campaigns. Our studios create stunning visuals to help companies reach their target audiences and promote their products or services.

How Does Commercial Photography Help Brand Growth, Engagement and Awareness?

A commercial photographer is invaluable to any business looking to increase brand visibility and engagement. By partnering with our professional commercial photography studio, you can help your target audience connect with your brand.

What Is Commercial Photography Valuable and Important to the Company and Its Customers?

Commercial photography is an invaluable asset for businesses. High-quality images help bring a brand to life and strengthen relationships with customers. If you’re searching for “commercial photography near me,” we can help your business or brand reach its goals.

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